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The Gayer, The Skinnier?


Now this shouldn’t really come as a surprise to most of you because we all know that the doggy style position is quite the workout on our body; but a study shows that gay men tend to be skinnier than heterosexual men.

A report in the American Journal of Public Health states that men who get turned on by kissing other men are 50 percent more likely to weigh less than my boyfriend.

Since there’s nothing fun to do in Massachusetts, 67,000 residents aged 18-64 gave up their time to prove that 21 percent of straight men are obese, which is a lot when only 14 percent of gay men are.

Okay so Sean Hayes looks better in a pair of jeans than Stephen Baldwin…but there’s still Elton John.

Gay men may be skinnier but according to the Massachusetts study, they also smoke more. This information may come as a shock to most of us, especially you heterosexual men out there because usually when research is done on homosexual men it’s triggered towards sexually transmitted diseases and mental health, says the study’s lead author Kerith Conron.

“This may mean that we in the public health community need to come up with more tailored messages to reach these groups, just as car dealers do when they want to reach a specific target audience.”

Car dealers? The only message I want a car dealer to give me is “I have the lowest prices.”

Gay men may be thinner than straight men but I’d rather die enjoying a delicious bacon burger than by smoking too many cigarettes.

Source: MSNBC

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