Home Scandal and Gossip Shatonia Spencer is killed by an oncoming Q train.

Shatonia Spencer is killed by an oncoming Q train.


The feeling of invisibility in a young woman’s mind.

It was reported that Shatonia Spencer, a 23 year old native of Brooklyn was killed yesterday trying to cross the tracks at the local Prospect Ave stop in Brooklyn.

Gothamist: A station agent said she stopped to ask where to catch the trains to Manhattan, but went down the wrong stairs. Instead of going back up and crossing to the other side, she jumped onto the track bed and was attempting to scale the platform wall on the Manhattan-bound side when she was hit.

Which begs the question since when did it occur to people that crossing train tracks was never dangerous? The warning signs are clearly displayed, the news stories of abundant train deaths there and yet once again another individual’s life is robbed by a seemingly single act of erroneous decision making.

Was the girl spontaneous, impulsive or perhaps gilded by the idea that because she was young, perhaps even beautiful, the top of her class, fluent in French or whatever other skill that can necessitate overt pride? In a culture that rewards bravado and indiscretion is it possible that a young woman forgot she was mortal and bound by certain physical constraints? Climbing 4 foot platform tracks is not for the feint of heart or even those who are physically nimble.

Shatonia, I wish I was there to implore you to have taken the extra two minutes to go back and use the opposing stairwell.

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  • y

    What negative feed back. U da only one chattin

  • S2spencer0

    I love u tonia…..nd all da negative feedbacks….keep it to ya muthafuckin self…ya don’t noe wat happened so fuck u chattin bout….nd for the positive feed backs thank u so much…love ur sis…..rip neva forgotten baby

  • Antonia

    I went to Thomas Jefferson high school with her and I was one of the first people she told about her liking girls. We used to ride the bus together and laugh and joke all the time. People used to call me Shatonia and her Antonia because our names are similar. I really love and miss Shatonia..its crazy that when I asked an old classmate about her, she directed me to this page. Another girl that was on your site..Subhana Beyah the prostitute that was robbing mens ATM cards as an alternative to turning tricks..this girl was like my best friend but now shes gone with the wind. I am praying for both these lovely girls

  • i luv my cousin very much in life we all make mistakes, and i miss u very much xoxo

  • Tonia…….I love you…………:'(

  • Shatonia was a beatiful person I am her Ex girl and was 1 her her Friends She liked To be called Kr@ze aka ya BOI she went threw a lot in her life and she just was got thing going great for herself N Miss Vanessa Spencer I give you my condolences but all she wantedwas to be Loved and She adored her sisters they were inocent to her.. So please all that read this know that She was a wonderfull person wit a strong personality…. a athletic,sweet,open minded person who felt she can do anything and everything as long as she had breath in her body.. Shatonia I care I remember u said to me”If I die no one will give a F**K well me and Key,and ya sister dooo I miss U Babe I truley do