Home Scandal and Gossip Sandra Ruiz is told she is too fat to work out.

Sandra Ruiz is told she is too fat to work out.


“We think it’s better you go work out in the parking lot…”

Here’s a health club you have all being waiting to join. It’s called Mademoiselle– and it’s based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma- the rules of course are pretty easy- don’t bother joining the gym unless you’re in shape in the first place. That of course didn’t stop Sandra Ruiz, who after having putting on a few pounds after childbirth decided it was time to give the weight back.

Of course management at Mademoiselle didn’t quite see it that way and told Sandra that she had to get off the exercise machine because they feared she might break it- and that she’d be served to go walking in the parking lot or something like that. That’s when Sandra reminded the Nazi police that she didn’t need to pay to join a gym to walk in a parking lot or wherever fat people are supposed to work out. After threatening to involve local media Sandra finally got a refund, but she still went to the media anyway. Here’s the clip- have fun watching it.

  • Ciderkiss

    It’s funny that when fat people try to lose weight they get shamed for it.