Home Nightlife Partying for Art at the Chelsea Museum.

Partying for Art at the Chelsea Museum.


Photography by Pierre Baz.

The season is upon us. Every year New York’s art museums hold parties for their young members to encourage donations and hopefully sow the seeds that will lead attendees to embark upon a lifetime of giving. The Chelsea Art Museum’s Young Associates Summer Solstice Party was the perfect entry to the season as it was filled with clearly entry-level art patrons. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

The Chelsea Art Museum is a great space for a party for many reasons, not the least of which is the giant rooftop with a view of the Hudson. Last Thursday this roof was filled with the kind of urban twentysomethings who are motivated by projects like working on a new Web 2.0 startup or writing a novel. Put another way, these were not the I-bankers and UES trust funders you would find at, say, the Met’s Young Members Party. This group, refreshingly, had people who knew how to carry a good conversation.

Scallywag to the left,center- Dr. Shannon Gulliver, the Chair of the Young Associates of the Chelsea Art Museum,and Alexandra Marciniak to the right.