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January Jones causes a 4 car pile up and then bolts.


A disastrous day in the life of January Jones.

Just when she thought she had alluded the paparazzi, January Jones, who we like to call the blonde bambi around the office has just re invited it – for good. After making national headlines for being caught making her walk (cab) of shame yesterday morning, bambi had the misfortune of inviting media attention once again by starring in another media free for all- that of her losing control of her Range Rover and slamming her bubbly blonde ass from one car to another before leaving up to 4 cars damaged and then fleeing the scene when she heard the sound of a camera shutter.


We’re told a witness reported the accident to police and claimed that January fled on foot after saying, “I can’t deal with this commotion.”

Strange, didn’t anyone over there in Tinseltown give bambi elocution lessons on how to handle the press, surely there must be a course or a school Lilo or a myriad of celebs could suggest bambi look into? After all what’s the point of being a tabloid star if you don’t enjoy appearing in the tabloids?

Police tell us that while officers were on scene investigating January returned and claimed she fled because paparazzi were trailing her.

January was not cited or arrested, but her car was impounded and police have launched an investigation.  Police say no alcohol or drugs were involved.

So remember kids next time when you’re driving along the freeway and lose control and bang up half of Malibu just tell them you were frightened you might make it on TMZ two times in one day.

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