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Ballerina has Knockout Performance; Courtesy of a Mugger’s Fist.


Ballet is a beautiful, classy, graceful and artistic form of expression through movement. It is welcomed worldwide and offers people of many different cultures to get together. You rarely, if never, see a ballerina in a sex scandal, committing crimes, or being on the news for other than performing.

However that was put on hiatus yesterday.

Inside the American Ballet Theatre they are performing “Sleeping Beauty” starring Russian ballerina Natalia Osipova. Around midnight during Natalia’s walk home on the Upper West Side, she was jumped by two teen boys. Needless to say this dance did not go as well as her previous one during the night.

Obviously, Natalia was hesitant to give up her bag, but that did not stop one of the muggers from punch Natalia in the face and taking what he wanted.

(Un)fortunately that was all that happened to the poor 90 pound ballerina, but the bag did contain her $100 pointe shoes.

So if you are on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and happen to see a boy gracefully leaping, hoisting another man above his head, or doing pirouettes in the middle of the street…Please call 911 because them bitches are Natalia Osipova’s muggers.

Source- WPIX

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  • Peter Westwood

    I I totally agree with you Vlad.

  • Vlad

    Hopefully the Russian mafia will get the punks if the cops don’t.