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Meet Sarah Palin’s new neighbor…


Sarah Palin is upset, which by extension makes us upset too..sort of.

Why you wonder? it’s because big old bad journo Joe McGinniss has decided to physically move next door to Sarah and start writing a (an unflattering) book about her. Which as you can all imagine has Sarah furious. How furious? According to her  facebook page she fears that Joe will one night leap out of the woods in last year’s Halloween costume and make her and the kids cry. That’s how upset…

A respected author and journalist Joe McGinniss, a strident critic of Sarah Palin,(oh well…) has thrown caution and sanity into the wind and taken up residence right next door to Sarah Palin. Not to worry, though, Sarah can still see Russia from her side. Apparently McGinniss first wrote an expose on Palin and her natural gas pipeline plan for the Conde Nast publication Portfolio last year. Seeing as Sarah refuses to stop being Sarah (you get the drift…), Joe McGiniss is authoring another book on her tentatively titled, “Sarah Palin’s Year of Living Dangerously” and could be on the shelves in the fall of 2011.

“We’re sure to have a doozey to look forward to with this treasure he’s penning. Wonder what kind of material he’ll gather while overlooking Piper’s bedroom, my little garden, and the family’s swimming hole?” said Palin.

True we imagine, but there will one day come a day when Sarah will drop by Joe’s for a cup of sugar and a moose burger.



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