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Mariah Carey is Pregnant.


Okay, so I know Mariah Carey hasn’t confirmed just yet but home girl needs to stop playing around and just come clean already. I feel comfortable confirming that her husband Nick Cannon is officially a baby daddy ever since Carey’s rep released a statement that she has decided to pull herself out of her latest film venture For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf.

First off, what the hell kind of movie title is that anyway. I wouldn’t want any part of that even if I was once the star of a shit-tastic film called Glitter.

It’s not the fact that Mimi pulled herself out, it’s the reason why, “She is not doing the movie because her doctor advised her not to. More than that I cannot comment further.”

Bam! Bitch is pregnant. Why the hell would her doctor not want her in a movie? It’s not like her album is selling. And if you’ve been paying close attention to Mariah lately then you would know she’s been photographed leaving a free clinic in Van Nuys, CA. Now I’m not going to hate on the Cannons and talk about how I wouldn’t even go to a free clinic in Van Nuys, CA but hey, it’s a recession.

She can only wear so many pair of spanx before her stomach begins to look like an old woman that’s trying to hide her pregnancy because she should be embarrassed that it even took her this long to have a baby in the first place…sigh.

By the way, congrats Mariah!

Source: Dlisted

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  • Good luck to Mariah Carey and husband Nick Cannon for their coming baby. I hope you two will have a great family and that you live happy

  • Rumors that Mariah Carey might be pregnant is spreading. I hope she and Nick will have a family soon. Im so happy for you both.

  • My brother is so crazy about Mariah Carey. He has a lot of photos and collection on his computer using as his screen saver. He also got all Mariah’s Cd music.

  • Mariah Carey is an all star season idol. She is very lovely and amazing woman. I really want to seeher in person someday

  • Mariah carey is very sexy and is looking better than ever nick cannon got fortunate with mariah couse he’s not all that