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Kristin Cavallari to Spill ‘The Hills’ Beans.


Wait a damn minute here, D-Lister Kristin Cavallari has only been a cast member on that reality train wreck of a show called ’The Hills’ for only two seasons, and she thinks that gives her enough credibility to write a tell-all book of what happened behind the scenes?

Well I’ve been watching that sh*t for all 5 seasons! Can I write a tell-all too because I’m sure I know more gossip than she does. What is there for her to talk about anyways. I thought their real lives were portrayed on the show…guess not.

Kristin better be the bitch she wants everyone to think she is and write about the juicy things that happened behind the cameras. Like who did Audrina’s lame boob job. What house do Spencer and Heidi really live in and whose snorting coke in-between takes.

I have a feeling she’ll put everyone’s business out on front street but will leave out all the juicy deets about her own cocaine problem and sexcapades with delicious Brody Jenner.

If Ms. Kristin Cavallari wants her 15 minutes of fame to last longer then she better spill the damn beans.

Source: WonderWall

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