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Carla Bruni wants to teach you how to put your finger up her butt.


The scandals that surround supermodels and the current French First lady.

For a while until this morning you could go on to you tube and watch a vintage video of Carla Bruni back in 1996 educating fag hag Jean Paul Gaultier (who almost pretends he doesn’t quite understand what Carla is saying but winking all along- yes we saw the video-) and his Eurotrash co-host Antoine de Caunes idly chatting over baguettes and espresso the significance of sex on the hop.

She explains, “We’re traveling all over the world, we’re meeting new people every day and we must know what to tell them in case we get in bed with them.”

Taking pains (no pun intended) Carla then proceeds to explain in a variety of 7 different languages how to ‘receive sexual pleasure,’ especially of interest when she mentions that and this is how you say ‘put your finger up my butt,’ in Portugese. Of course it’s needless to say the staff here at Scallywag spent the good part of that morning replaying the video until it was presumably yanked by the highly embarrassed French government which by now had it assumed it had yanked all floating copies.

To say it was a blissful morning watching Carla slowly and pause repeat how to indulge her was a fond memory. If only Nicolas Sarkozy could let the world share this sentiment with us forever.

update- our friends at Gawker have somehow managed to make an indepedent copy for themselves. Discretion advised, as are tissues…