Home Nightlife AOL and Chuck Close’s launch of the Project on Creativity.

AOL and Chuck Close’s launch of the Project on Creativity.

Photography by Gordon Ho.

Chuck Close partnered with AOL this year to celebrate their 25th Anniversary at the New Museum on Bowery Street. Known for his large-scale portraits, Close was commissioned by AOL CEO Tim Armstrong to depict the ten individuals whose vocations ranged from sports-star to chief exec, like actress Claire Danes, filmmaker Gus Van Sant, Chief Executive Officer of AOL, Tim Armstrong and Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway and the wheelchair Close uses to get around. The portraits will be a part of an advertising campaign featured by AOL called a Project on Creativity. AOL is the only Internet Company that has been around for 25 years, and this event showcased it limitless potential to foster creativity, and the arts and to reward masterpiece.

Held at the rooftop terraced enclosure of the New Museum, we were escorted by elevator to a bustling gallery where Close, Nadine Johnson, Julian Schnabel and others enjoyed their cocktails and aperitifs being handed out by (too) pretty boys in white suspenders and “AOL” t-shirts; the evening was breezy and the sunset luminously set behind the buildings of the East Village, as press interviewed the notorious Close.

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