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THE MODELING WORLD EXPOSED- the dirty secrets…


As thin as you can get girls.

Female models have a very short lifespan in the industry and the age they start is becoming younger and younger. 70% of them either already have eating disorders when they start modeling or they develop them in the constant pressure to stay thin. Bulimia and Anorexia are the main Problems. 60% of female models are bisexual and many of the rest experiment sexually with other women.

Becoming a successful model seems to be attributed a lot to luck and who you know. It also seems that a lot of the successful models have to sleep their way to the top. The attitude of “I will scratch your back, if you scratch mine” is very apparent. The percentage of models who do make a career and a living out of the industry is close to just 5%. However, the ones who do make it are richly rewarded. The savvy models who went to college and are business minded, are a minority in this business. If they are able to capitalize on their good looks and brains, they end up having long and successful careers after their modeling careers are over.

One fact we learned is that all pictures, without exception, used in magazines etc. are heavily touched up because the quest for perfection is endless. Very few models enjoy what they do and they are often treated badly by their employers. Many of the photographers use their power to take advantage of the models to get sexual favors from them, in exchange for some help rising to the top.

95% of all models waste the best years of their life barely making ends meet while trying to become the next super model. Many of them are from poor eastern European countries and they come to the USA to experience the American Dream. I suggest all you budding wannabe models should think carefully before entering this profession. The fame fulminates intensely but the reality is very different!

Reflections of a former Male Model.



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