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Is it a good idea to wear a thick hairy moustache and a hooded sweat top when carrying an affair behind your wife’s back? Hanging out with Charlie Sheen.


The clever ways to make sure that the paparazzi catches you in the act.

If you ask us, we would of dressed as a lumberjack from Dakota, or better still as a construction worker from the Bronx, NY as opposed to the porn look alike sleaze actor Charlie Sheen has been pretending to be in his latest efforts to shake the media off from a delicious affair he is currently having with lingerie model Angelina Tracy.

Reports Popeater;

Charlie Sheen is sneaking off to meet a lingerie model while his wife, Brooke Mueller, thinks he’s in rehab, In Touch Weekly reports, in an exclusive given to PopEater.

“He is seeing Brooke and the kids a lot and is good about continuing treatment. He has been sweet to Brooke, and promises her that he’s changed,” a friend of Mueller’s told the magazine.

But all is not well in the actor’s life. According to sources, he’s been seeing model Angelina Tracy, and using a fake moustache to disguise himself from the paparazzi.

Mmh, we were wondering right about now what the sound of a baseball bat crashing against the visage of a fake froth strained moustache is sounding like. We’re sure Charlie will dress as a lumberjack man next time…

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