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Goldman Sachs gives away $5billion in bonuses because they want to remind you that they are above the law.


When confronted with an investigation of fraudulent behavior do the improbable and pay out record bonuses.

So the world is beginning to implode on GS, with now British and German authorities jumping the bandwagon to have a peek up GS’s rectum for signs of vermin. Having said that, GS turned around today and thumbed its nose at the world by turning around and offering the biggest quarterly bonus it has ever offered in its history- $5 Billion. As you can imagine this hasn’t gone down very well in some quarters with the UK prime minister accusing GS of ‘moral bankruptcy.’

With both the German and UK governments having to be forced to bail out banks who took the wrong side of GS’s bets, both governments are now pacing the floor looking for blood drops so as to commence a full blown war against the bank which has essentially decided it needn’t bother with how the outside world work and tend to what make it happy. Of course the big bonus could be just a clever ploy to pay everyone off now as this time next year it just could all well be feasible that there may be no money to pay at all if investigations lead to huge punitive punishments for GS and its ongoing credibility.

In any event life keeps getting surreal for the haves, never mind the rest of us- the have nots.

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