Home Scandal and Gossip Does anyone know what happened to Nicolas Cage’s hair?

Does anyone know what happened to Nicolas Cage’s hair?

Trailer Park blonde is always an option.

The fun to be had when a celeb pretends it’s just business as usual.

Golly Nick, don’t mind us-hope you don’t mind us looking at that lovely blonde mane of yours. What blonde mane you wonder, the one suddenly attached to your skull Nick. Oh that, I hardly thought anybody noticed? Of course not Nick, last week you were going bald and broke and today you look like the younger version of Mickey Rourke on a weekday bender. No we hardly noticed anything…

10 possible things that could have happened to Nick now that he looks like a ‘Florida truck stop hooker,’

1/ He dreamed he was a Hollywood 19 year old girl on the make and the next thing he knew God granted him his wish true.

2/ He accidentally fell into an oil well while cooking marshmallows, with the marshmallows permanently stuck to his head now.

3/ He had an impulse to see if anyone would notice anything different so he got the kids to do something ‘magical’ to his hair.

4/ He came across an old bottle of peroxide thinking it would cover the bald spot but in the end it covered everything.

5/ He got off the phone with Mickey Rourke and was moved to a sudden realization that he too could look like a middle age jack ass.

6/ The secret milkshake Nick was making suddenly seemed a good idea on top of his head than in his stomach.

7/ Nick suddenly realized that one day he would die and that he had to try once to figure out what it was like to live like Hulk Hogan.

8/ Nick was involved in a horrific car accident that sent him swerving into the local meringue studio and presto one thing led to another.

9/ Nick finally worked out that looking like a 20 year old version of Marlon Brando might help him get more acting jobs now that he squandered all his money.

10/ Nick still hasn’t noticed anything and as far as he is concerned he is forever the action hero you long ago bothered to paying attention to.



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