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Mickey Rourke refuses to die.


When relics from the 80’s keep holding up.

Mickey Rourke is the type of guy every man always wanted to be before Mickey eventually fell off his bandwagon and became the man that every man didn’t want to be. Of course that’s what makes living in America so exciting, one minute you’re a drunk, coke head, broke, craving for Hollywood stardom, the next starring next to leading ladies like Carrie Ottis and Kim Basinger until you go back to being a drunk and a cokehead (with the minor addition of 43 botched plastic surgery operations) and then once again the resurrected hero of the tabloid circle.

In any respect, America salutes you, and we know the broken arm bit is an inconvenience, but thankfully you can still arm wrestle, snort and drink with the other arm too.

Welcome to America Mickey, you defied the odds…