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Sergio D’Larosa- Celebrity Stylist and ‘model’ aesthete.


Sergio D'Larosa.

Celebrity stylists it seems are pandemic these days. That said not all are equal, despite what you may think…We recently had the good pleasure of catching up with one of those rare talents and sensibilities courtesy of the  impeccably charming Sergio D’Larosa who is behind what we think will be one of the most sought after private salons for months to come- ‘Untapped Hair.

Located in a charming bygone era pied a terre in the quaint West Village this young man, who we later found out also happens to be an ex model (some guys have all the luck it seems…) has come up with a rather inspiring idea about how to make you gorgeous and probably love him forever (or at least indefinitely…). With a pay as you wish model he’s betting that you’re going to probably throw the house at him and you may just well. With Natasha Bedingfield, Christy Brinkley as some of his private clients we decided to find out where this native Argentino found the tenacity to come with all this bravado and yes all that charm…- Scallywag.

SCV:  What inspired the idea of the celebrity salon?

: What inspired me to open the celebrity salon, was the fact that I was finally going to bring back the private/retreat feel that puts people at ease when they come to get transformed and get away from their everyday lives.  The one on one experience where each clients feels special, has been left aside in many salons as they’ve all become a high traffic area and I’m here to bring it back!

SCV:Define salon and why you think now is a good time to bring it back, particularly in the affairs of personal accoutrement?

A salon to me is a fountain of youth/rejuvenation enter, where I compare the utmost salon experience to a first kiss and try to get that feeling across to every client.  A first kiss has that unknown feeling, yet so exciting because you know it could end up as something amazing that changes your life and that’s what I try to re-create – that experience/feeling – with my haircut/style.  It’s a great time to bring it back because as I stated previously, many salons lost the spirit of the true meaning of a “salon” by completely removing the privacy sector and relaxed atmosphere.

SCV: Do I need to be a celebrity or a socialite to enjoy the privileges you offer?

: To me, a celebrity or a socialite can be found inside everyone and my mission is to make those who have yet to find their inner star, find it by the time they leave my salon – inside and out!

SCV: Who is your preferred clientele?

: My perfect client is the one that comes in with an open mind and allows me to do, what I do best – be the EXPERT in my industry and let me do what I feel is right – as that will give them the end result they came for and they will leave looking amazing!

SCV: Define aesthete and why you fall into this category?

Being an aesthete is about appreciating beauty and having the necessary tools to bring it to life.