Home Scandal and Gossip Malik So Chic wants to figure out how not to hurt himself.

Malik So Chic wants to figure out how not to hurt himself.


Malik so Chic (Sick): The continued episodes of a faux star.

You know the universe is going into hell in a hand basket when you have so called reality (faux) stars making every possible effort to indoctrinate their existence into that of the communal. On one level it’s a charming attempt to bond with your fellow mankind but on most levels it’s an irritating non stop pr campaign to infiltrate into your sub conscious and all we can do is wake up and observe the madness.

That said, this weekend’s continued madness comes courtesy of Malik So Chic (Sick or is it Bleak?) Facebook update which these days manages to harness a cattle call response every time Malik so much as utters a word, a thought(or rather a grunt…) on his homepage.

Knowing that you are bored and indefinitely intrigued with Malik’s existence we decided to publish the following attempt at human decency. And by the way Malik don’t you dare de face me again, it’s souls like you that keep me entertained and marginally depressed on the dreary days.

Oh well here we go again- Please follow along and if you throw up, it’s all quite all right, after all this is reality (faux) TV…(Facebook) status….

Of course you have to pause for a moment and congratulate all these wonderful souls for taking Malik so seriously. That said the dribble continues below…

And finally our answer.Malik darling, don’t worry about having to figure out how to clean your ears, we ‘re sure God will drop by at night time, hug you and somehow find a way to gently clean those nubile ear drums of yours…After all if God can answer your prays on becoming a media whore we are sure he’ll throw a free ear cleaning session too…lol.

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