Home Nightlife Just Dance: Healing for Haiti.

Just Dance: Healing for Haiti.

Photography by Arthur Eisenberg.

The Manhattan Movement and Arts Center recently hosted Healing for Haiti, a benefit to aid the Red Cross Haiti Relief and Benefit Fund, and Fashion Delivers Hope to Haiti Relief Efforts. Though the event was planned in under four weeks, what really stood out was the professionalism and skill of the seasoned performers.

The eight performances covered a surprisingly large array of dance styles. Two of the performances were standard ballet fare. Pairs of pixie-like women in gauzy, glittery outfits twirled with men with thighs so muscular they looked as if they were smuggling large loaves of bread strapped to their femurs under their tights. Ballet makes impossible physical feats look effortless, and these pairs excelled at making the audience forget that there’s nothing natural about leaping until you’re almost flying, with a smile on your face.