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Diego Binetti the ethereal designer.

Photography by Gordon Ho. Diego Binetti 2010 Fall Collection.

Watching Diego Binetti’s girls waft down the stage is what it must be like to attend a sensuous geisha palace. What appears as strut is really the dreamy visage of his girls floating luxuriously, effortlessly and without affect to what is happening around them. So it goes this was the presentation that began this past Sunday afternoon at Exit Art as Binetti’s girl wafted to surreal drum beats in his 2010 fall collection.

With light airy fabrics that included blot silk chiffon, silk charmeuse and billowy blousons that accentuated the airiness of construct as if the models were kinetic extensions of a hazy sublime kite the clothes for all intensive purposes announced subtle sophistication and a freedom of being. Best left in other words for a woman who enjoys luxuriating in her sensitivity and being taken by the wind or the indiscriminate passage of time. With his recent visit to Vietnam ( he was to later confess after the show) Binetti is clearly influenced by the bold colors and subtle print making and freedom of airy dispositions that come within the Orient.