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Sarkozy doesn’t want you to wear your burka.


burkaa250Trying to understand what’s permissible to French tastes.

In his new year address French Prime minister has put his weight behind the banning of wearing traditional Muslim full veils in the public arena. Cautious not to be labeled discriminatory Sarkozy at the same time came up with the clever device of mentioning that while the birka has to go he would like France to steer clear of discriminatory behavior. Does this make sense?

As quoted from the Guardian:

Nicolas Sarkozy last night threw his weight behind moves to ban the full Islamic veil in France, calling for an “unambiguous” parliamentary resolution against an item of clothing he said was “not welcome” in a country which valued sexual equality.

Equal sexuality? What does one’s dress sense have anything to do with sexuality and why has the burka come in to full spectrum?

In a rebuke to figures in his rightwing UMP party who are pushing for a total ban on the burka or niqab in public in the near future, he said lawmakers should wait for the results of a six-month parliamentary inquiry before acting further.

Parliamentary inquiry? Will that parliamentary enquiry take into account the right of freedom of expression and how the Muslims feel themselves or will it take into account how the bourgeoisie feel?

It is thought that only about 2,000 women in France wear the full veil. Although making clear its opposition to the burka itself, the Socialist party came out last week against a ban, saying it would be counter-productive and opportunistic.

Counter productive and opportunistic? Is that an understatement or just a clever way of saying we ‘sympathize with you but please step out of the way, we’re all equal here (sort of)..?