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ICP dresses up for ‘Dress Codes.’



Which VIP wouldn’t want to have their mug shot taken by a renowned photographer? Actually, there was a couple who stormed off because they simply couldn’t bear to queue any longer and had to be cajoled back by ICP staff.

Waiting for his friend to be photographed by Splashlight, Steve Blomgren admits the exhibition’s technological savvy isn’t up his alley. “I’m challenged by all this,” said the self-professed “boring white professional.” Ironically, he finds himself attracted not to the old-fashioned photographs at this exhibition, but more towards the animated artworks.

To bow-tie sporting photographer Larry Ossei-Mensah, there are no boundaries between the mediums. “When you think about the photography, the video helps give it a much fuller context, and the installation pieces complete the photos,” he said. “The work is very strong but they can also stand by themselves.”

One thing’s for sure, there is a definite vibe of interactivity at this bash. The remix of popular music videos, including one of The King himself crooning in black-and-white, induced a beat-bopping rhythm in the congregation filled with suits and classy nightclub attire. Not to mention that middle-aged, balding and bespectacled white fellow trying to dance to rap music next to one of the installation pieces.

ICP’s manager of events and corporate relations Dionne Thornton literally towered over the crowd. Over six feet tall, she’s aided by her sky-high stilettos and her hair, an almost two feet high afro (on all sides), which she calls an expression of her “alter ego”. After all, the dress code for the night is to “bring to life the theme of the show – fashion as a form of communication.”

“Fashion is so important to every aspect of our lives. It’s one of those things that are kind of subversive,” said Dionne. “But people think about it constantly. We use fashion to judge ourselves, to communicate who we are. So what better way to celebrate that than by expressing yourself personally?” she said, waving her hands around the room to show me all the individual fashion statements being made by partygoers.

Beth Lasoff is one partygoer who gave new meaning to the term “eye-catching” with her inch-long feathered false eyelashes that resembled miniature fans ventilating her pupils, chunky onyx necklace and scarlet strapless frock.

So for future reference, if anyone is looking for a hip art party at the ICP; look for Dionne. And if you can’t find her, just look for the hair.

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Dionne Thornton and Malic so Chic.