Home Nightlife At the Golden Globes Award pre party at Chateau Marmont.

At the Golden Globes Award pre party at Chateau Marmont.


Stefano Tonchi, Tom Ford and Andre Balazs

For your entertainment, we shall divulge the tidbits (anonymously of course) that prove (to us at least) that stars are still human.

The first is when a fan (who had a bit too much Dom Pérignon) attempted to complement Sofia Coppala (who we adore) by stating, in a melodramatic voice, “You, you are such an enigma,” and wandering off in the search of more champagne. To fans everywhere: please look up definitions before speaking with celebrities. To our darling Miss Coppala, we must say, you handled the situation with elegance.

At one point in the evening, two male socialites were spotted hovering in a corner, heads tilted in deep discussion.  A small dose of tactful eavesdropping revealed the following blurb; “During my years in the golden pond, I left a trail of irretrievable life juices. Now I’m treading in a sewer.” At this point, our un-named socialite caught his tongue and abruptly decided hors d’ourves were a more appropriate choice of topic.

Despite the few aforementioned tidbits, only genuine smiles were seen and avid conversations that lasted deep into the night were heard.  In fact, this event was so well organized and so graciously hosted that it echoed the glitz and glamour of Hollywood’s golden years and tempted this New York-loving vagabond to settle down in the golden state and delve deeper into the minds of LA elite.

Sofia Coppola and Joan Collins.

Chloe Sevigny.



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