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A Parking Spot Worth Beating a 99 Year Old Man Over.


old250Once again, Brooklyn maintains its street cred’ after an 83 years young man attacked a 99 year old man with a metal sheering-wheel lock.  The two old dogs were fighting over a parking spot.  Heck, who can’t understand a situation like this?  Parking spots in New York are a valuable commodity.  They’ve even turned this customary dilemma into an entire episode of Seinfeld.

“He’s much younger than me, much stronger. He could be my son,” Pulwers (the 99 year old) said of the comparatively spry Gofman (83 year old.) – NY POST

Come to think of it, this sounds like another episode of Seinfeld.  “Mandelbaum, Mandelbaum, Mandelbaum!”  Well, that’s enough plugs for Seinfeld.  In all seriousness, let’s hope the geriatric wasn’t too badly injured.  Pulwers, what happened?  Are you all right?

“He said he was going to send somebody to cut off my balls,” Pulwers said. “I’m lucky I’m still alive. I thought he was going to kill me.” – NY POST

What’s important is that you’re still alive.  As the Italians say, “cent’anni,” (to a hundred years) Mr. Pulwers!  Expect that letter from Obama very soon, sir.

P.S.: Stallone, if you’re looking for a plot for Rocky 7…look no further.