Home Nightlife Wednesday Wonderland at Butter wows us.

Wednesday Wonderland at Butter wows us.


Heather Pitsch is the type of friend that we should all wish to have. On the heels of her friend Jenny being diagnosed with brain tumor cancer Ms. Pitch has been a resilient force in seeing Jenny through in her effort to fight off the disease that was already supposed to have killed her. Perhaps as a testament to Jenny’s resolve to fight and to keep the cancer at bay Ms.Pitsch has been inspired to take a collective stand of solidarity with her dear friend.

Enter Wednesday Wonderland, an event hosted last Wednesday by Guest of a Guest at downtown venue – Butter. In conjunction with Tug McGraw Foundation with whom Ms. Pitsch works, and Loli Events a fundraiser was in held in honor of her good friend- Jenny and other individuals suffering the perils of brain cancer.

Come February 13, 2010- Ms. Pitsch has pledged to shave her head as an act of solidarity to her friend Jenny who I was later told has managed to compete in 8 marathons since being diagnosed, even deciding to run one time when her tumor suddenly became open prior to the race commencing. Perhaps it’s this type of commitment and desire for life that should inspire us all. I trust that it certainly did this past Wednesday…
Photography by Shoko Takayasu.
Heather Pitsch and Scallywag at bottom.
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