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The perils of bringing your video camera to the cinema.


piracyDon’t you just love hearing about really unnecessary arrests for the sake of setting an example?

Samantha Tumpach, 22, has already spent two days in jail, and could be looking at up to three years more, after being arrested at a showing of New Moon where she inadvertently captured three minutes of the film on her video camera while recording a tape of her sister’s surprise birthday party.

We all know that video piracy is wrong, and the Motion Picture Association of America believes that “hidden cameras in theaters are the direct source of more than 90 percent of all pirated movies” which cost the group billions every year, but surely it should be blindingly obvious to anyone that this was not a case of video piracy but of someone who perhaps did not engage brain before pressing record.

“Theater managers contacted police, who arrested Tumpach … she now faces a felony charge of illegally copying a movie,” reports CNN, whose legal analyst Lisa bloom said “three years appeared excessive for the incident, if it should be prosecuted at all.”

Aren’t you glad that your tax dollars are being so very well spent?

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  • Jez Miles

    So who at her sister’s party was the snitch bitch, and how come they had the movie at the party anyway. I thought it had only recently been released. So was she pirating a pirate copy?
    Follow the money I say, and give poor Sam a get out of jail free card