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Sena Cech: The last rock star model.



If you had asked Sena Cech when she first started modeling at the age of 16 (some 10 years ago) who Kate Moss was she would have looked at you with a blank stare. Yet ironically it’s this same girl who by the time she was 18 was already jet setting the world over and becoming her own super model. Intrigued by the journey of a top model, it’s secrets and the way it functions behind closed doors we got on the phone and talked at length with Sena who these days is back in Washington, Oregon still working as a model from time to time but more often than not finding herself now working as an art director and pursuing an education in her passion to become a writer.

What follows from this intriguing interview is the dispelling of myths, the appreciation of what the industry has morphed into and what a daughter of a couple of hippie parents and a once budding ballerina (for the Russian Ballet) has come to understand now that she has come  full circle in her journey as what she jokingly refers herself as the last rock star model.