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Art Basel Burns Up Miami.



Pharrell's blue chair

This did not sit well with all of the artists in attendance. A Belgian gentleman and fellow furniture designer displaying at another gallery (who shall main nameless) was appalled at the attention Pharrell was receiving although he could not hide his excitement when it was mentioned he had arrived. One of the ladies participating in our dialogue mentioned he was here and my new Belgium friend’s face lit up for a second, but then he quickly denounced his furniture “those chairs, those chairs, they are crap” he muttered in half French, half English.

Crap, were they crap? Not crap, however, they were, well unique. But after a brief chat with a gracious Mr. Williams on his inspiration behind the chairs, I was impressed. His “Tank Chairs” were inspired by child soldiers. Blue for boys, pink for girls, and the black and white represented yin and yang. A man of distinct point of view, he was no less of an artist than the Belgium, even if he did arrive with an entourage.

Emmanuel Perrotin was the first in the week of my many events were drinks will flow and celebrities will mingle. Although the art on display was fabulous, and the gallery beautiful, I am still trying to gauge whether this week will be about the art on display or the artists in attendance. Either way, I will be there, as Genevieve suggested, pen in hand basking in creative genius and the celebrities as they hit their strides…

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