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Poser of the day.


perry-poseurGetting by with make believe…

One of the wonderful things about living in America is our collective freedom to behave and think as we will (or so we have been told) . That of course, is easier said and done and we all know there exists a certain ilk within society affectionately called the poseur that just about rubs everyone the wrong way (except themselves of course). Aware that such a problem exists we’ve decided to help you identify potential and actual posers-

1/ A poseur by definition spends his or her life pretending what they are as opposed to being who they actually are. Given that, we feel very comfortable in announcing anyone caught standing in front of a trendy club beyond the acceptable 23 seconds is a poseur.

2/ A poseur by definition also spends their life name dropping- blah blah, because you are suppose to believe that any association with said person is somehow some sort of absurd validation in life.

3/A poseur, by definition, always wants to be a fashion model. If that fails, looking like a plank of wood will suffice.

4/A poseur spends their idle hours running after Guest of a Guest cameras and Patrick McMullen. We suggest you smile a mile wide kids.

5/ A poseur is always coming and going from somewhere. We don’t really know or care where from, but hell is always an option.

6/A poseur is in the business of getting you to believe that they are more worthy than what your gut instinct tells you. Never betray your gut instinct.

7/ A poseur for some reason always happens to be a social climber. If you see the same dress, smile, or wink in 3 different magazines that week, you will know that you are actually looking at an impostor.

8/ A poseur is always getting other people around them to pay their bills because we know they are too good to pay their own way.

9/A poseur, for some reason, always knows which store opening to go to everyday of the week. To buy what is anyone’s guess, but as long as there is a camera man trained on them it works.

10/ A poseur knows that at the end of the day, it’s all just a big game and they hope your stupidity and general apathy
will always remain in place to facilitate said game.