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Beat Jonathan Ames in Solving a ‘Bored to Death-esque’ Mystery!


jonamesWell it was a lovely idea; gifting my never used, passed down bicycle to a literary idol and creator of my new favorite HBO show.

Browsing Twitter one day, with my @caitypoops identity, I stumbled upon a request Re: Jonathan Ames. He was in need of a bicycle to gallivant around his made-famous-by-him-city, Brooklyn (okay well, not really). I replied to his Tweet and offered up my men’s mountain bike and he graciously accepted making sure it was proper for his “middle aged prostrate”.

“Fantastic!” I thought. What a wonderful story this will make in the future.

So we tweeted and twated, had met at a magazine party and since scheduled a bicycle drop. Meeting at Book Court in Brooklyn, one fine fall morning, I passed down my inheritance and watched him buzz around the streets to test out his new ride. Mr. Ames questioned the Trek lock I had, but I insisted it was proper, I put my trust in the sales person and hey, it survived for quite sometime untouched outside my SoHo digs. In convincing Mr. Ames of the lock’s sturdiness he was off for some air in the tires and I was on my way to some vintage shopping at Brooklyn Flea.  And don’t worry readers, I did not forget to drop a few hints that I was an actress and writer, in case any opportunities may arise for a bike-pay back.

That was that, success and a happy ending! Jonathan made sure to inform Twitter community how appreciative he was and mentioned his joy rides.

And then the world halted. This morning the birds stopped singing. The bike had been stolen!  That darn “trusty” lock was snipped and the burglar was on his merry way. The horror that somebody can disrupt other’s happiness! So there is now a villain in the Boerum Hill section of Brooklyn, who knows how far he has gotten since the theft.  That cycle can take you across bridges to new states where the infamous bike will be unknown!

So Scallywags and Vagabonds here is your opportunity to solve a mystery like Jonathan Ames for Jonathan Ames. Spot a black mountain bike and email me immediately and we will take back what is rightfully ours! Revenge come forth!