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Ashlee Simpson’s Mission to Act.


simpsonAccording to reports, Ashlee Simpson is going to be reprising the role of Roxy in Chicago on Broadway. Wait, this is the girl who just got fired from Melrose Place, right? The girl who, according to reports, was let go because she couldn’t act? When you get fired from a TV show that is borderline soap opera because you can’t act, you should know there’s something wrong. Maybe take an acting lesson or two?

But of course not. Jessica Simpson bashed Melrose Place as being “crap” after her little sister was fired and Simpsons’ reps claimed that she knew that she would be getting the axe before the season was due to be over. It’s hard to believe that someone like Ashlee Simpson would agree to star in a TV show, especially if she knew that she would be cut early on.

Nevertheless, New Yorkers, she is coming to a theater near you. Shall we give her another chance to redeem herself? After all, when she performed in London, she wasn’t booed off the stage. Thats good, right? Or we should we casually sit back and watch her get fired once again, this time not only for her poor acting but her singing talents, as well? Only time will tell, and only the thunderous roar of applause or boos will determine her fate in the acting game. As of now, we can only report the continuous sobs of better deserving actors in New York hungry for a chance to display their talents.

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