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Trying to work out if Lindsay Lohan and Donatella Versace share the same plastic surgeon.


17004293Scary Monsters and the little gems that follow you.

Has anyone had a close look at Lilo and Donatella Versace lately? It’s a scene that lends itself well for a before and after plastic surgery disaster (except in this case there is no before picture which means you are left with the disaster picture).

A close look at the above picture will have most young children crying and most fashionistas thinking twice about entering the world of glamour because as you can see there is more horror than glamour.

Possible explanations of the magic duo could include the following-

1/ A “not to do” list of how to look in public.

2/ A possible photo shoot for Gremlins and broken noses.

3/ A woman’s guide to deter men.

4/ A slow motion behind the scenes episode of a make out session.

5/ A warning of what happens when two females claim to share the same wardrobe assistant.

6/ A warning for over exposure to tabloids and media whores world wide.

7/ A safety announcement concerning the after effects of saturated photo ops and clenched teeth.

8/ A skin cancer awareness ad.

9/ A “don’t drink, suntan and be too fabulous” community announcement.

10/ A promo for a “surrogate mother and renegade daughter with long blonde hair living south of  Los Angeles” Reality TV show.

Lindsay Lohan and Donatella Versace, Separated at Birth

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