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Coming to terms with asymetrical breasts.


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There are some things that warrant attention and concern when the sexes negotiate  with each other. Out of reddit, we found a new nagging concern that until now was little discussed – asymetrical breasts.

Asymetrical careers, bank accounts and even asymetrical faces can cause friction when negotiating relationships but it’s good to know that women are now owning up to the latest thing that should keep us all frustrated and locked in the room.

Reddit Men: How do you feel about asymmetrical breasts?

I was just wondering what you guys think about asymmetrical fun bags…Now before I hear anything about how nothing is perfectly symmetrical and men really don’t notice, I’m talking about an obvious asymmetry.

Personally, my right breast is a full B and my left one is an A and ever since I started puberty I could notice the difference in growth. When I would go to the doctor they would just tell me to wait it out till I turn 17 or until I stop growing and to maybe start using my left hand more that way the tissue will get worked up and it’ll even out eventually.

Fastforward 18 years later and the size difference is still there. It’s definitely hit my confidence when it comes to my body as i’ve never even let myself get physical with a guy before as I’m afraid of letting anyone see. I never go swimming unless I have a well padded top that hides it really well.

I also went to go see a plastic surgeon early this year but I definitely think that surgery isn’t right for me…

I know that there are women out there who have like a full D cup on one side and an A cup on the other so I know that one 1 cup size difference isn’t the most horrible of outcomes but I was just wondering what you guys would actually think if you a girl took off her shirt and you saw…well what I just described.

I’m also late for a statistics exam right now so I’m too lazy/in a rush to see if I made any spelling errors but thanks in advance guys!

Asymetrical breasts are never a healthy option and we urgently request every female to have an asymmetric screening test asp and in return we here at Scallywag and Vagabond will start a petition to make sure every man’s balls are appropriately symetrical.

Shouldn’t you be confessing something soon? Getting by on asymetrical balls and boobs.

Reddit Men: How do you feel about asymmetrical breasts?



  1. I feel you girl. I have exactly the same problem. My mother recommended using my left hand a little more also, but it didn’t work. I’m scared that it will stay like this my whole life. I hate it and I can never use shirts I used to use back when I hadn’t hit puberty yet. I’m only 17 so far, and so I’ll wait till I finish growing. But if not, I think surgery is the way I’m gonna go 🙂

  2. Im in my 50’s and have got to answer your question.
    Its one thing if they bother you as thats your personal choice,
    but, if your lover has a problem then move on to someone who will not judge the
    outer package but will look at who you are and love you for this alone.
    My Grandfather told my,”What are you going to do with more than a mouth full anyway”
    Point being that its how you use them. A person that loves you…LOL it wont matter.
    If it really does to them, then come look me up.
    Be careful
    Rick in Texas

  3. You’re LUCKY! You have built-in character screening equipment. If a guy judges you for being a little lopsided, he’s a jerk and no one should be with him, and you’ll know to get rid of him.

  4. Its just not as “usual”. Nothing much to worry about when it comes to nice guys. Sure some will mind a lot. Others wont mind. Some even like this kind of difference. If its okay with the doctors and you and you manage to built enough self-confidence about it than i dont see why any men thats chosen by you (includig some intelligence) wouldnt like you exactly the way you are.

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