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The Roman Polanski scandal is now 3 days old and now the whole world is begging for relief.



When a celebrity gets in trouble the public tension only keeps escalating…

Initially, when the law caught up with Polanski the French government demanded his immediate release but now that the public has suddenly noted Polanski would be effectively excused from having to follow the law, people in France started to get fidgety and felt betrayed that once again it was only people who are good looking, famous, have nice tans, friends in high places that get to get away with horrible things while they, the common person, is expected to suck it up.

Ever fearful of its constituency, the French have suddenly decided to back off on their demands of a free Polanski now plea. Which all kind of makes sense because if anyone knows anything about European governments it’s this – the government will always fear the people while in the US it’ll always be the other way- the people will always fear the government (which kind of explains why Roman is in trouble and why all of America’s celebrities are behind him).

In any event the scandal is testing tempers and attitudes and it wont be long before that there will be a telethon to raise votes to save Roman from any further inconvenience.

When scandals hit it’s always tricky to figure out what to do because the damned public always stick their head in when they shouldn’t…

French drop Polanski release call

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