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Spanking other people’s kids in public has suddenly gone in vogue.


spanking-other-peopleWhen people start taking matters into their own hands, literally…


We read with intrigue in the Washington Post about the second instance of strangers whacking other people’s kids because they were not amused by their behavior. Last time it involved the Walmart gringe, today it involves the Salvation Army Gringe. Funny right?

Actually not. We don’t understand why people do such things and wonder why people don’t observe some thin line which says you don’t raise hell in other people’s lives even if you are in the opinion they are raising hell in yours.

The facts for those of you who care-Gloria Ballard- the Salvation Army Gringe took a stranger’s toddler son over her knee and spanked him three times inside a Salvation Army store after he said something that annoyed her. See kids never behave or say things to adults that may upset them ‘cause they don’t have the brain power to appreciate you’re to young to even appreciate what the hell you are doing or saying (of course the truth is you will spend an eternity not appreciating what you are doing or saying but that’s a separate article…)

For her efforts – Ballard is facing charges that carries a maximum sentence of six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Ballard went on to say that she is just a mother and grandmother who was just trying to help. True, but if you really wanted to help you would have kept walking past.

The moral of the story- kids will be kids and some adults will stoop to behaving like they are kids too…

Ohio police: Woman spanked stranger’s toddler son

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