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DIEGO BINETTI, a rising star.



Photographs courtesy of Morgan Miller photos for Ilovebinetti press.

The Diego Binetti show was personally one of my favorites at this year’s IMG Mercedes Fashion Week. When you have metallic pants, see through skirt-tops, and prints that literally will stop traffic, there’s no reason for you to want to wear anything else if you have a red carpet to burn up this spring 2010. 

Graceful spring dresses, vivid color combinations and some of the hottest shoes for even the most ridiculous of shoe fetishes. This show had me wanting to overdose on all the eye candy. Behind the curtains in a dark room off 10th ave with nothing more than benches for the audience and bright lights that would make Terell Owens nervous, it was by far one of the greatest ways to showcase a collection. The only way this works is if your collection has everything you could ask for when developing a women’s wear line. 

The architecture was amazing for some of the short coats, the pant lines were innovative and sexy, I loved looking at the way each look was accented by one great pair of shoes after another. I remember a few times during the show listening to people gasp as some of the models hit the runway in breathtaking amazement of certain outfits. I’m sure everyone who left the show felt they had witnessed something special and for that I say….BRAVO to Diego Binetti and his team of stylists who contributed to a wonderful show from start to finish. I look forward to seeing this collection all over the place next spring. You heard it here first!..




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