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Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsey doesn’t mind letting his brother Ronnie sleep on the Street.


gordon-ramsayWhen a famous brother turns on his junkie brother…


Neither one of the Ramsey Brothers are going through a pleasant time, with the elder Gordon getting shit reviews for his own restaurants and the younger Ronnie still coming off heroin addiction and a recent incarceration period in Indonesia. Yet while one fumes in palatial estates the other fumes on the footpaths and squalor of London streets. What gives?

Apparently according to Gordon- he mentions in his autobiography that he paid up to 5 times for Ronnie to go to rehab but each time was met with Ronnie refusing to quit and when he finally got nailed in Indonesia Gordon and his mom have washed their hands of him, which means Ronnie gets to spend the day panhandling and sleeping on the streets while his brother is a big star on the TV that these people come from the streets.

Says Gordon-


‘I’ve changed my numbers, got extra security in the house with CCTV everywhere, but I’m not giving in. I’m not living like that anymore.’

Ramsay began supporting his brother years ago and confessed that he even bought him heroin to get him through their father’s funeral in 1997.

In any event it’s just another family squabble albeit a very high profile one. But who knows when Ronnie commits to making changes maybe Gordon will make him a humble pie.

When being a drug addict doesn’t get you much air play in some families…

Pictured: Gordon Ramsay’s homeless brother Ronnie sleeping rough on the street

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  • David Heads

    Don’t believe everything you read! I stopped and engaged in an intelligent conversation with Ronnie Ramsey just the other day. He is pleasant but gushing, sensitive and good listener. Receptive to good ideas, articulate and above all while down, certainly not out.

    I recall while in conversation with him he neither saw the need or inclination to swear which often indicates to me signs of a poor vocabulary or someone seeking notoriety and attention.

    How often do we hear in the press of rich and famous celebrities who take drugs and live a life of extreme debauchery? What happens to these poor little rich souls after a misspent youth? Why of course, many have the resources to buy their way out of trouble, are adored by the public, finally receiving a knighthood!

    Call me cynical but with all the bad press Ronnie has received, its enough to drive anyone to drink and drugs!

    Ronnie is to be applauded! While at a low ebb in his life he remains as dignified as the public will allow him to be. Yes regardless of the press and the public’s perception of him he remains focused with his own hidden agenda!