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Artists 4 Israel’s (S)kin Life Drawing Workshop: Chaos and Glory or “Is bigger better?”



“Erykah Badu” spoke about the freedoms she experienced having been able to criticize Israel while performing there, a freedom she could never have had in Gaza where, as a woman and as an African-American she would never even been allowed to visit. “Joan Baez” sang from her song “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” an ode to Israel’s strength in the midst of struggle. When models do more than just look pretty, you know something big is happening. Something transformative. Artists 4 Israel turned models into advocates and art into advocacy. They turned a big bang into a simple message.

Imperfection draws you in. It is the bond between people. It is the vulnerable moments and the difficult times that turn attraction to affection. Artists 4 Israel affects people. As imprecise and emotive as each 1 minute quick sketch was, so too was the craziness of the ad-libbed movement and motion of the night. Lady Pink, by far the most celebrity of the artists who have led this class, revels in such creative commotion. Having honed her skills in the dark of night and on dangerous train tracks and rooftops of graffiti, her celebrated works now hang in the Whitney, among others.

Lady Pink must see the same arc in Artists 4 Israel, the same potential to move from crazy, unbridled passion to mature perfection. As she said in her opening remarks: “Do not hold back. Feel the art. Feel the power of your creation and let your spirit motivate your work.” Artists 4 Israel is the emotive power of creation.

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  1. What an amazing event and fabulous turnout! It was my second class with this org. I love how they not only offer a great class with beautiful models but also, have a theme for each one.

    It was interesting how they had a duo lead the class. Can’t believe they were able to get Lady Pink to teach. How do they do it???

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