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Another Reality Bimbo admits to having (another) breakdown this weekend.


alg_gosselinWhen the story line is beginning to get stale.

Is it just us or is there something happening in current American dialectics that portends to the total disintegration of reality and common sense? How is it that reality Bimbos from the back end of our asses have so suddenly captivated our collective attention? Really who are these people and where do they come from and who tricked us into caring about their utterly meaningless lives?

That said let’s get to the business of debunking the Kate Gosselin myth. A nobody with a mullet haircut, 8 children, and an equally lunatic ex husband to be, this girl who gets paid up to $75 000 per episode to shake her frumpy ass and talk about useless things like whether to fart in front of your kids or not is really taking her allotted role as designated public fool to be watched at all times too seriously.

Complaining once again about whatever (can you tell we don’t give a shit what irks her?) on ‘the View,’ about the pressure or something like that we are getting really fed up with idiots like her who dare take up our TV time.

Of course the pressure is building up, because you are the designated public fool and you did this to yourself. You said yes to that check and you said let me do back to back shoes and it’s you who can stop this madness by just opting out of the series. Yes of course that could mean sacrificing the big money, but at this rate sanity also has a price too.

Oh well we’re sure Katie will cry again, look at her paycheck and get over everything rather quickly.

When a public nobody has the audacity to cave into her public neurosis you know it’s time to switch the channels, but then again why would you want to deprive yourself of a an afternoon of high minded bally hoo.

Life can only get more banal, which means shouldn’t you become a reality star too?

Kate Gosselin on ‘The View’: ‘I melted down over the weekend’