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Trapped in the Dark: The nightmares don’t let up.


eurostar_leagues_under_theWhen public transport is starting to become a liability.

Two weeks ago we reported about the nightmare that passengers experienced on Continental Flight 2816. This morning we are going to add on the misery and your worst nightmares by telling you about the 6 hour ordeal in underground hell that 500 people endured when they boarded a train out of France at 7.50 pm on a Tuesday Eurostar trip which unfortunately had them stuck for more than 6 hours 340 ft below sea level, in darkness (okay so the emergency lights eventually turned on hours later) and heat approaching 90 Fahrenheit with no air conditioning and overflowing toilets (always the overflowing toilets…).

At some point people started feinting, screaming (yes existentialism at its worst – the wonder of being or not 340 beneath sea…) and then of course there were those of you who had asthma attacks and the disquieting feeling of after not hearing a single solitary announcement of what was going on you were about to die.

Eurostar for it’s part apologized to the passengers and explained that it was all a malfunction, that you’d be receiving a refund, vouchers and that the idea of using the emergency escape tunnels was too much of an uncertainty and an inconvenience amongst other inconveniences we imagine.

When leaving your fate to others is sometimes more than you can stand…

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