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The superstar, the model and the crashing body guard. A tale of unrequited love.


cristiano-ronaldoWhen love doesn’t pan out and the cameras are there to capture it…


One minute things are hot and the next, well they’re kind of not. Take for example the summer spectacle of Portugese soccer star and ‘heart throb’ Cristiano Ronaldo and that of Spanish model Neireda Gallardo.

You kind of know these two are no longer talking to each other when Neirada feeling the pangs of lost love makes a beeline for Cristiano at a nightclub in Majorca to only be tackled by security. At least when we were at school, one could still pass notes, but there seemed to be no notes been passed.

We guess Cristiano must still be inflamed that his ex had the nerve to announce to the world that he was a ‘mommy’s boy’ and yes he even waxed his chest.

Oh well, some love affairs weren’t made to last, but thankfully the paparazzi will always be there to make sure all matter of indignities are openly shared and dissected across the world.

You know what we say, live by the sword and ‘get’ petrified by the sword. The fun things you can’t seem to get away from once you become marked by the paparazzi…

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