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Fashion, Celebrity, and Death of the Supermodel.



The Europeans have always said that Americans just don’t “get” couture, and it’s hard to argue. We don’t just allow celebrities to sell us mass marketed junk, we demand it. If we didn’t, would we still have Jessica Alba telling magazines how much she loves Spanx? Newsflash- Jessica Alba does not need Spanx. The average American, on the other hand…

Sadly, the one American fashion titan known for eschewing the lowest common denominator, namely the divine Anna Wintour, is herself beginning to bow to the pressure to cash in on her famous / infamous reputation. A (disastrous) 60 Minutes interview, The September Issue, and an impending appearance on Letterman all point to the same thing: Anna’s hoping she can make fame sell for her too.

Celebrity culture is eroding the influence of the fashion industry in a uniquely American way. America has become obsessed with scrutinizing the tragic foibles and fatal flaws of our “idols,” stripping them of the air of perfection that surrounded the stars of old. That, coupled with the fevered media obsession with every TLC star’s latest haircut, has given stars the opportunity to increase their fashion influence by appealing to a wider market. We don’t need your models – we have Lauren Conrad to dress us in shapeless bag dresses, thank you very much. Unfortunately, it’s becoming clear that reaching a wider market does indeed mean reaching the lowest common denominator.




  1. I don’t think anyone in the fashion industry cares so much about the rise of internet and reality TV celebrities overflooding the pool when there’s a global recession affecting all levels of design, production, marketing, distribution, etc.

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