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What interesting things can we expect the NY Post and Gawker to write about now that their celebrity friends are all on holiday?


pharaobamaWhat can trash media come up when the fluff clears town?

Yes, we were quite unimpressed ourselves as we perused what trash media ‘The NY Post and Gawker’ had to offer us this long weekend with  most of the celebrity world hidden away or on good behavior (except for Gary Coleman– who is just a current full time loser and uninspiring at best)

A quick glance saw the NY Post trivializing over a Tv show called the ‘Philanthropist,’ some NFL star- (yawn) and a gruesome murder. While over at Gawker,Nick and his gang had us wondering why Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband Matthew Broderick were fleeing for Brooklyn (to get away from enterprises like Gawker- duh?!!) and why Sarah Palin quit (because she finally worked out what we all worked out a long time ago- she’s not qualified – so why bother asking more questions?)

All in all, we weren’t particularly inspired by this weekends usual riff raff and we hope for both Gawket’s and NY Post’s sake some celebrity decides to remember to misbehave or make something up that is laughable and a general nuisance that way Gawker and NY Post can make us all feel morally superior

Short of making up trash, we’re afraid that Gawker and NY Post will have to wait until all the celebrities are back in town and anxious to misbehave in front of their collective cameras

Why good journalism gave in to sensationalism, except on long weekends…

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