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Summer Wasted: Motorcycle Mayhem at Heist.



A quick detour has me discovering that the beasts can go up to 250 mph in six seconds, curios as to whether riding these behemoths equates to a death wish I am told instead riding these ‘girls’ is like riding a show pony. A very fast one at; ‘ when you’re on these girls you don’t even realizing you’re going that fast, you just think you’re in heaven.’

The show which includes a mounted fiber glass installation by Milton Carter focusing on the discarded elements of our ‘junk’ culture imbues itself with humor, pathos and a beach vacation gone wrong or perhaps right.

The show, including video installations and riveting posters is curated byJulie Fishkin and Matt Lucas can be currently seen at the downtown favorite Talia Eisenberg’s Heist Gallery.

Feisty scowls are necessary…

Heist Gallery; 27 Essex st, NYC.

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Bernard and Talia
Friend, Izzy Gold, Allison.


  1. very unpretentious, and some pretty nice people having a good time…. hats off to talia for a nice evening with some very cool motorcycles. too bad they weren’t giving out rides on those monsters!

  2. I went down to check out the Heist show. It was nice seeing the same faces doing something different and not embracing the NYC snotty culture crap.

  3. The Heist Gallery show was lots of fun….good to see Izzy Gold out there with his crew having a great time. I’m hearing great things about this guy and I’ve heard some of his music online and it sounds amazing.

  4. The theme of the art show was based around motorcycle culture, I thought it was very fresh, Great job Talia

  5. oh man. these pseudo-a-listers-cum-d-listers are quite a sight, ahem, to say the least. did someone send the trailer trash to nyc?! did they get lost looking for jersey? hilarious! thanks again for the entertainment!

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