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Robert Bowman: Not becoming a NY lawyer because he was busted with blow but saddled with debt.


angryhoboThe fun things aspiring lawyers are made to go through as well us ordinary folk…


Robert Bowman (not the actual gentleman in the picture ) for all active accounts comes off as a resilient individual, an individual despite the many personal mishaps that one at times goes through- from illness, taking his bar exams five times before passing, having nearly lost a leg and of course amassing a sizable debt.

That you think should prepare him for the rigors of being a lawyer- well that’s not true said the judiciaries who decide who eventually gets to be accredited with a law license.

Granted, Mr. Bowman has been a bit of a scallywag in not making any payments on his outstanding debt (but then how can you when you are being denied the means so in which you may?) and as a consequence has been denied approval from the state bar association.

Usually prospective lawyers will get a slap on the wrist for an extended period for being caught with blow (as long as they are not back on it in front of anyone soon we imagine…) or even solicitation of sex with minors.

But being broke and in debt it seems has now become the newest faux pas in America.

Thank God that doesn’t sound anything like you….

Finding Debt a Bigger Hurdle Than Bar Exam

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