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Pimping Chanel Birden is the new way to go…


chastity-bonoLooking for the freaks that can make you feel proud about your own inadequacies and other gender roles…


Much like her parents, Chastity Bono is a trendsetter of suspicious tastes. Today, Gothamist has reported the story of Chanel Birden, formerly known as Andrew Birden, a Parks and Recreation department worker who is suing the city for “gender discrimination” after s/he suffered rude comments and some toilet confusion. This is only the latest in a long list of transsexual themed stories being covered in mainstream media.

But, is the media covering these stories with the respect for the topic or the individuals involved within or are they simply poking about a taboo area for a quick giggle and smirk from their audience? Gothamist quotes Mr(s) Birden as saying “And I’m a gorgeous woman at that. I would always go to work looking very glamorous,” indicating that the reporter is less then serious in their coverage.

Trans sexuality is the new gay. American audiences have, rightfully so, become desensitized to homosexuality. Madonna smooching Britney would no longer make for intense blog coverage, rather, it would be seen as the shameless and meaningless publicity stunt it was intended to be. Bruno barely seems to thrill audiences with its outrageous mimicry of homosexuality. What the public needs to titter their titties is a new, barely understood, gender-based decision to consider, snicker at and, ultimately, move forward from.

The media is always willing to play the role of pimp in this regard.

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