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Mick Jagger’s seventeen year old daughter Georgia May decides to cash in too.


mick-jaggere28099s-seventeen-yeaWhen a modeling career is the first option and the next is going topless…


Ho hum, here comes another tale of a well connected son or daughter of a world famous father/ mother who decides that they too need to get in front of the camera and take ‘rightful advantage’ of all the adulation that mommy and daddy worked a lifetime to ferment.

In any event Georgia May, the photogenic teen (I know they keep getting younger …) daughter of Sir Mick Jagger and super model Jerry Hall (see the lineage kids?) decided it was time for her to strut her stuff, we mean her ass and tits, which is what we like anyway but why cry women’s liberation in the same breath (boring isn’t – I want to be free of sexist jokes and terms but I’d like to make money off my ass and tits if you don’t mind? ).

In any event the ‘perky’ teenager bares he bare breasts for the cameras in lieu of the upcoming ‘HUDSON’ jeans campaign coming up in the US in September.

In any event we do wonder about the jeans company exploiting the legacy of this girl’s parents and the girl herself exploiting her parents legacy too.

How nice it would be to see just for once one of the sons and daughters of this well heeled set to make something off their life on their own without having to cash in on their parents.

But hey she’s talented right?…just like the rest of you who don’t happen to come from ‘celebrity royalty.’

I think we KNOW what Dad will say, Georgia: Mick Jagger’s other daughter poses topless for major photoshoot

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  • Paula S

    She’s 17! She’s probably going through a rebellious stage (after all it’s in her genes – look who her father is). I don’t think it’s bad. She’s a gorgeous girl and there are worse things she could be doing that’s for sure.

  • Black kettle

    she’s leveraging the advantages that providence bequeathed her. how exactly is that stupid, foolish, or despicable?