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Jesus Luz: “Justify my Pay Packet.”


madonna-jesus-luzMadonna’s new boy toy is for hire, but can you pony up?


Here comes an intriguing tale of a an intriguing young man who upon riding the back of Madonna is now keen to ride the back of every fashion designer he can get his hand on.

Until the world met, or to be correct before Madonna met him, 22 year old Jesus (to be sure pronounced- hay- zooz) was your typical ‘hunky’ male model who might or might not book the occasional gig. But now that he has a MILLION dollar pumped up humped up marketing Pr team courtesy of Madonna (who in her recent W mag with her and boy toy Hay- Zooz was more air brushed than the air) the new boy toy is demanding $135000 for the pleasure of his participation of your next runway show.

If one were to break that down that would be $500, the normal fee and $133 000 for having the Madonna pedigree factor behind our boy and the other $1000 for all the trivial like items which may include you salivating by yur TV set

Either way, we think ‘Hay- Zooz’ has come along way from his native Brazilian barrios, the real question is have you?

Ahh, the stunts and the demands of 22 year old prima donnas, let’s hope you get to sit front row this September or else…

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  • pony up?

    Can I just eat him up? off the books?