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If I’m a skinny model what are my chances that I’ll be invited to the Hamptons this summer?


skinny-modelLifestyles of club promoters, faux socialites and the young girls that befriend them…

We’ve been watching with increasing regularity (we of course will not mention names) requests by a certain sector of society (press agents, faux publicists, moguls and of course club promoters) whether we know of any skinny, you know good looking models (as opposed to fat, ugly models?) we might know that we could send up to the Hamptons to help the party roll.

Seeing we are not in the business of procuring bunk (as opposed to commenting on bunk) we always politely decline, feign ignorance at such requests and generally avoid those numbers on our cell phones that we suspect are on an ulterior mission.

The question remains- why the continual fascination of models, what about literary women, industrious women, accomplished women, artistic women?

Who knows, but when you stop to think it’s all about the Hamptons you kind of understand the hubris momentarily.

Anyway, let’s hope you’re a ‘skinny model,’ worthy of all the fun people who want to man handle (oops -greet you ) this summer….

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  • claire

    oh the pains of being smart and beautiful…. it is not easy avoiding these “we want your image to help us since we lack one” people.

    I leave it to the simpleton ladies who really can only pose and help build party power to do such jobs. Glad you decline Scally.