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Does Sarah Palin have a love hate relationship with the media or only with herself?


palinlarge61Sarah finally vacated her office up there in Alaska to only warn the world how terrible media really is but we are sure privately acknowledge to herself if it wasn’t for the media’s unbridled attention in her she wouldn’t be anywhere near the public forum and those juicy dollars that have been inevitably targeted towards the ‘Sarah Palin,’ franchise. (think book deals and speaking engagements courtesy of round the clock spectacle as opposed to the round clock intellectual power thinker and political mobilizer she wishes she was…)

So here’s the upshot- all media is bad, inconsiderate, meddling, obtrusive and conniving except when I (Sarah) choose myself to be ‘bad,’ ‘inconsiderate,’ ‘meddling,’ ‘obtrusive’ and of course ‘conniving.’

In any event we think Sarah is going to have lots of fun, continue breaking balls, harassing late night comedians (and they in return), tell the world what it needs to hear while loading her coffers while incidentally the general media does exactly the same thing.

Isn’t it lovely that some people can have wonderful symbiotic relationships with the things we are all suppose to hate and fear?

Sarah Palin – all the gossip that’s fit to print…